Our Favorite Book, made with love by Luhvee

Our Favorite Book

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I have crippling anxiety when it comes to giving gifts. I could spend weeks searching for (and agonizing over!) the perfect gift and still come up short, while others make it look totally effortless. Giving great gifts is just one of those skills I have yet to master, so I am constantly on the hunt for new ideas. When I first discovered Luhvee, I knew they would redeem me for so many awful gifts of Christmas (birthday, anniversary, Mother’s Day, etc.) past.

With Luhvee, you can easily create personalized, high-quality photo books for those you love. I’ve always been a fan of photo books, but the process of making one can be intimidating and time consuming—not with Luhvee. Luhvee allows you to tell a story in your own words, but helps you along the way by providing thoughtful fill-in-the-blank prompts. They take all of the guesswork out of designing, too. Simply fill in the blanks (you have the option to write everything in your own words, as well), add your favorite photos and Luhvee takes care of the rest.

I’m not sure if I was extra emotional from having just celebrated William’s first birthday or from sifting through a massive amount of baby pictures, but I was in tears after hitting the “submit” button on my order. The final product—a gorgeous, 52-page, hardcover book made just for our boy—is something I’ll always treasure. When I flipped through it for the first time with Will, his face lit up as he recognized a few familiar faces on the pages (Mama and Dada, of course). I know I’ll be reading it to him for many years to come.

Lucky for me, and for any other challenged gift-givers out there, Luhvee doesn’t just specialize in photo books for children. They offer books specifically for mothers, fathers, grandmothers, grandfathers and even partners/spouses. Expressing your love in your unique way has never been easier with Luhvee.

To help you out even more with your next gift or keepsake, Luhvee has graciously offered all William & Mama readers a 20% discount by using the code ANDREA20 at checkout. Visit Luhvee.com to get started making yours!


Favorite Book & Song
“We loved reading you ‘Love You Forever.’ Mama still can’t finish it without crying. Our favorite song to sing to you was ‘You Are My Sunshine.'”
“When we think back on this first year with you, we wouldn’t change a thing. You have brightened even the darkest of days.”
All Curled Up
“We thought it was so cute the way you curled up on us, like you were still in Mama’s belly!”
“We love you so much, baby!”

Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Luhvee. All opinions expressed are, of course, 100% my own!

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