William turns ONE!

I’m so excited to finally share some photos from William’s first birthday party! We ultimately had a blast, but the party itself was kind of a disaster. Remember all the cute party decorations I mentioned in my last post? Well…they got totally ruined by an unexpected downpour 10 minutes before the party started. And to top it off, the gorgeous hydrangeas we had as centerpieces completely wilted in the heat. Thankfully we were able to salvage a few balloons and move everything inside before the surprise guest of honor arrived– my father-in-law, Bud.

William was named after my father-in-law (we call him Bud, though) and was coincidentally born on his birthday, June 25th– 11 days past his due date, nonetheless. Kid had an agenda even from the womb, ha! We knew early on that we wanted to throw a joint party to celebrate Will’s 1st and Bud’s 65th.

Sidenote: William was beyond cranky this day, and we found out 2 days later that he had strep throat. Poor thing! I’m amazed that our photographer was able to capture as many smiles as he did. Thanks, Dan! If you’re in Connecticut, definitely check him out.

Photos by Dan Kane Photography

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