Party Decorations + Easy DIY Party Hats

Happy Friday, all! This has been a hectic week for us. My husband has been traveling for work since Monday and is finally home, just in time for Father’s Day.  We are looking forward to that, but also to William’s FIRST birthday party next weekend. We can’t wait to celebrate our favorite boy with our closest friends and family.

I’ve been on the hunt all month for super cute party decorations for the big day. We aren’t having a theme– you’ll understand why afterwards, it’s a little bit of a surprise 😉 — so I’ve struggled to find simple party decor that isn’t completely boring. BUT THEN (!!!) I discovered Meri Meri, died and went to party planning heaven. They have hands down the most adorable decorations and accessories I’ve ever seen. If money were no object I would buy every single thing on their website (and probably plan more parties). Pictured above:

1. Cactus Plate // 2. Hip Hip Hooray Garland // 3. Mini Gold Star Garland // 4. Neon Acrylic Star Toppers // 5. Make a Wish Acrylic Toppers // 6. Toot Sweet Star Candles // 7. Blue Marbled Candles // 8. Stitched Neon Tassel Mini Garland // 9. Yellow Number 1 Candle // 10. Happy Birthday to You Plate // 11. Blue Striped Small Napkin // 12. Glitter Party Hats with Pom Poms

I was tempted to purchase the glitter party hats but figured I could totally make something similar myself and save some money. The result? My easy DIY party hats! Before I get to the tutorial, I must ask….are they ugly? Give it to me straight. I think I’m blinded by all of the love that went into making them. If you’re interested, keep reading…

Easy DIY Party Hats (1).png

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You’ll need:

  • Party hat template 
  • Cardstock. I used basic white, but would have loved to use either silver or gold. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any at my local craft store. 
  • Spray paint. I used this spray paint for the gold, and this for the silver.
  • Pom poms. Here’s a picture of the Crayola ones I used, found at Target. I can’t find them anywhere online, unfortunately.
  • Ribbon or decorative string
  • X-acto knife. I have this one.
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Download and print out party hat template, then cut out and assemble. 1 sheet of cardstock = 2 party hats if you use the template linked above. You can either glue or fold the hats together. The glue I used wasn’t adhering the cardstock together properly so I ended up just folding mine.
  2. Spray polkadots on cardstock with spray paint and wait for them to dry (mine only took a few minutes).
  3. Attach pom pom to top with glue.
  4. Poke one slit on two opposite sides of the hat using your x-acto knife.
  5. String ribbon through each slit, tying a knot to hold it.

If you DO think mine are ugly, here are ones you’re guaranteed to love:

Now…anyone have any tips on getting William to keep this ON his head? Wish me luck!

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